MPP offers the MAG® series, a group of nutritional supplements focused on delivery of highly absorbable magnesium, additionally enhanced by Vitamin B6. The entire family of the MAG™ products addresses selective effects of LOW MAGNESIUM, such as:
• Anxiety, Hyperactivity, STRESSMAG®
• Problems with falling asleep and maintaining long lasting and deep sleep SLEEPMAG®
• Muscle spasm and Cramps, Fibromyalgia, Facial tics, Eye twitches/involuntary movements, etc. BEMAG 6®
• Serious depletion of minerals including magnesium, by habitual coffee drinkers CAFÉMAG®

Magnesium in the form of 100% highly absorbable form of magnesium, (magnesium bisglycinate):
• Enhanced by vitamin B6 high absorption
• Wont upset your stomach
• Packaged in 3g, environmentally friendly stick packs
• Comes in natural green apple flavor
• Meant to be consumed with 4oz of water
• GMP manufactured
• Made in the U.S.