Exudex Stickpack


Exudex® – the dressing that started it all.

Exudex® is made up of 100% Dextranomer beads. Exudex® Is indicated for the cleaning and removal of debris from wet wounds, ulcers and burns which are exuding either clean or infected plasma. It can also be used for preparation of burned skin surface for grafting, as well as for the dressing and management of minor burns, superficial cuts, lacerations and abrasions; and minor irritations of the skin.

EXUDEX® helps eliminate the fluids quickly and continuously from the surface of the wound. This translates into a reduction of the inflammation, edema and pain. EXUDEX® is intended to be secured with a semi-permeable adhesive secondary dressing.

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What is it?

Exudex® is a new and advanced wound care product. Exudex® (100% dextranomer beads “granules”) provide the foundation for all three of our wound dressings. Dextranomer, in the form of microbeads having average diameter of 0.1 to 0.3 mm. Dextranomer is a cross-linked polysaccharide biopolymer having a three-dimensional structure.

How does it work?

When placed on a wound, Dextranomer absorbs the exudate and plasma. Each bead has internal channels able to absorb liquids and smaller molecules (MW <1000). It also removes larger molecules (MW> 5000), such as microorganisms, plasma proteins, fibrinogen and related products from the exudates, by entrapping them in the space between the beads and transporting them away from the wound, (chromatographic effect). Each gram of Dextranomer absorbs about 4 ml of aqueous liquids and can generate suction force of 200mmHg. Typically, the speed of absorption is greater than the secretion by the wound. This action continues until both types of channels are saturated.

Additional information

Weight 0.077 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 × 1.5 × 4.75 in


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