FIBROSATE® (Fiber, Probiotic and Docusate) is a combination of vegetable ingredients rich in fiber (ground flax and blond psyllium seeds and apple fiber), inulin, microencapsulated freeze-dried live cultures of colon native probiotic (Lactobacillus rhamnosus, GG) and Sodium Docusate. FIBROSATE® supports the intestinal system by promoting bowel function and relieving occasional constipation.*

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FIBROSATE® aids in the elimination process and supports passage of food in the GI tract and cleanses the colon. FIBROSATE® having a great deal of mixed organic fiber plus Sodium Docusate (a gentle stool softener), helps for daily regularity and occasional constipation relief.*

The activities are enhanced by the addition of probiotic bacteria which further supports restoring bacterial flora in the intestines and colon.*

Sodium Docusate is listed on the World Health Organizations list of essential medicines¹ Sodium Docusate is the active ingredient in name brand stool softening products.

¹WHO Model Lists of essential Medicines, 19th List (April 2015) – Amended November 2015

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