With pleasure, I would like to announce that MPP has formally opened its doors in 2016. The facility is clean, functional and designed for a wide range of GMP activities from drug development to manufacturing and packaging. Our GMP site consists of laboratories and production suites equipped with qualified and validated instrumentation and machinery. Furthermore, with the addition of more and more new instruments, the qualification and validation process keeps continuing and we truly enjoy doing it.

As the former founder/owner of Cambridge Major Labs, I have launched MPP Group as a logical continuation of services and products positioned “closer to the patient”, i.e., we are focused on development and formulations of injectable drug products, medical devices, and nutritional supplements. We also provide pharmaceutical manufacturing capabilities as we have installed two production lines for solid dose products; small bottles and stick-packs. MPP is especially proud of introducing the revolutionary stick-pack packaging technology to the health market which is both environmentally friendly and offers convenience of single dose packaging.

Our product lines include Dextranomer based products (medical devices for wounds/ulcer treatment) and Dietary Supplements (Magnesium based and Fiber based). The dietary supplements represent forgotten or neglected supplements necessary to restore proper balance in our system, enabling us to function more effectively and stay slim and fit, both mentally and physically.

Our activities are not only focused on development of our own products but we also offer services in all areas: development of injectable drug products and formulation, development and manufacturing/packaging of nutraceuticals. Quite obviously, development of injectable drug products represents the biggest challenge but, also a great scientific satisfaction. We have state of the art instrumentation both in the analytical and microbiology departments and our goal is to be able to perform any analytical test related to the development of these products.

I also would like to mention that Namigen, LLC was the training ground for the development of injectable drug products. Together with Nathan Barishansky, we have managed to develop four drug candidates. One of them, Sodium Nitroprusside USP Injection, is FDA approved and on the market since December, 2016. In addition to developing numerous of our own products, MPP currently is developing a few sterile injectable products for different pharmaceutical companies.

Finally, I would like to thank all my Friends and Colleagues within the broad pharmaceutical industry for their encouragement and support during the construction and startup period, as well as our customers for their trust in us. (Unfortunately I cannot list all their names, however, if I could, the list would be too long).

Thank you for visiting our site and we look forward to doing business with you!


Michael W. Major, Ph.D., D.Sc.

President and CEO