Best Nutraceuticals Yet!

MPP Group has manufactured three lines of revolutionary nutraceuticals. We use only the highest quality of ingredients available.

Don’t be fooled by supplement companies using inferior ingredients.

Our expert scientists carefully select ingredients in their purest forms ensuring the highest level of absorption possible. We never use artificial sweeteners or chemicals.

We only use stevia extract for sweetening and natural flavor for taste. In short, MPP has the highest quality supplements available, period.

The entire family of the MagSeries™ products addresses selective effects of LOW MAGNESIUM, such as:

  • Anxiety, Hyperactivity, STRESSMAG
  • Problems with falling asleep and maintaining long lasting and deep sleep SLEEPMAG™
  • Muscle spasm and Cramps, Fibromyalgia, Facial tics, Eye twitches/involuntary movements, etc. BEMAG 6™
  • Serious depletion of minerals including magnesium, by habitual coffee drinkers CAFÉMAG™

The family of the ProbioticSeries™ products is composed by fiber and probiotic based nutritional supplements carefully formulated in 2 variations for specific needs:

  1. Daily support (Fiber + Probiotic), FIBROTIC®
  2. Detox and cleansing (Fiber + Pro Biotic + Senna extract), FIBROSEN®

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