The most advanced dressing yet!

Dextatic® = Dextrosan® + Iron Sulfate

Dextatic® is indicated for the instant stopping of bleeding of minor lacerations, absorbing released plasma, and enhancing healing of the wound by the antibacterial activity of Chitosan. With the Addition of Iron Sulfate Dextatic® is our most advanced wound healing dressing. Iron Sulfate is a well-known hemostatic agent that stops bleeding instantly. The antimicrobial effects of chitosan protect the wound from bacteria. And the Dextranomer effectively adds absorption of exudate coming from the wound.

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Dextranomer beads (granules) provide the foundation for all three of our wound dressings. Dextranomer, in the form of microbeads having average diameter of 0.1 to 0.3 mm. Dextranomer is a cross-linked polysaccharide biopolymer having a three-dimensional structure. When placed on a wound, Dextranomer absorbs the exudate and plasma. Each bead has internal channels able to absorb liquids and smaller molecules (MW <1000). It also removes larger molecules (MW> 5000), such as microorganisms, plasma proteins, fibrinogen and related products from the exudates, by entrapping them in the space between the beads and transporting them away from the wound, (chromatographic effect). Each gram of Dextranomer absorbs about 4 ml of aqueous liquids and can generate suction force of 200mmHg. Typically, the speed of absorption is greater than the secretion by the wound. This action continues until both types of channels are saturated.

Chitosan, is an 80mesh, 90+% Deacetylation Degree (DA) type of fiber taken from crustacean shells. Chitosan has been proven to exert antibacterial activity by electrostatic interaction between its positively charged amino functionalities and microbial cell membranes. This activity causes changes in the bacterial wall permeability, resulting in forming internal osmotic imbalances. These imbalances lead to leakage of the intracellular components, as a result of its bacterial death.

Iron Sulfate, a well-known hemostatic agent which stops bleeding instantly.

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Weight 0.077 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 × 1.5 × 4.75 in


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