Michael W. Major

Michael W. Major

President & CEO

Michael W. Major studied Pharmacy at the Medical Academy in Lodz, Poland. Finished his academic career as a tenured Professor of Medicinal Chemist at age of 33. During his time at academia he published 40+ peer review publications and was an exchange scientist at Northwestern and McMaster University and Alexander von Humboldt scholar at University of Stuttgart.

His career in Milwaukee, WI started with Aldrich Chemical, followed by Cambridge Chemical.
In 1998 he started Major Laboratories and in 1999 Cambridge Major Laboratories.
In 2003, built his first 60 000 Sq. Ft. R&D and small scale API manufacturing facility, follow by a second large scale API manufacturing site in 2008. Both facilities were operational one year from the start of construction.
Founder and co-founder of few virtual companies focused on bringing to the market branded drugs and niche injectable generics. One of them, Namigen LLC formed in partnership with Nathan Barishansky, filed four ANDA submissions. In December 2016 their first product, Sodium Nitroprusside Injection, received FDA approval.

Michael believes in science based manufacturing and organic growth. In summer 2016 Michael started construction of MPP Group facilities. In December 2017, the company celebrated the first anniversary of being in business and has experience a substantial growth to today.  Please browse our web site to learn more or click here to contact us for more details.

In his words there are three components to success: hard work, knowledge and some luck. Michael believes no one can succeed without integrity, honesty, common sense and leadership skills.

Michael enjoys the company of others, wine, travel, history and fine arts. He speaks five languages: Polish, German, English, Italian and French (still needs improvement).